The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Lamps

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Lamps: Tips for Paper, Acrylic, Glass, Metal, and Timber Lamps

Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life and beauty of your lamps. Whether they are made of paper, acrylic, glass, metal, or timber, each type of lamp requires specific care techniques to keep them looking their best. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with essential tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your lamps, ensuring they continue to illuminate your space beautifully for years to come.

General Lamp Care Tips


Regular dusting is crucial for all lamp types. Use a soft, dry microfibre cloth to gently remove dust. Don’t be fooled by the cute name and remember, dust bunnies are public enemy number one. 

Avoid Moisture 

Keep lamps away from moisture and humidity to prevent damage.You don’t want a soggy boy!


Caring for Paper Lamps

Dusting  — 

Use a soft brush or a microfibre cloth to gently remove dust. Avoid using any liquids as paper can easily get damaged. Soft paint brushes or even clean makeup brushes work perfectly for this purpose.

Stain Removal 

If stains occur, very very lightly dab the area with a slightly damp cloth and let it air dry completely.


Store paper lamps in a dry, cool place when not in use to prevent moisture damage.

Tips of how to clean your acrylic lampFrom left, Clubroom Tray and Puffball Lamp in Blood Orange

Caring for Acrylic Lamps


Wipe acrylic surfaces with a soft, damp microfibre cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can scratch the surface.


Use a specialised acrylic cleaner or polish to maintain the lamp’s clarity and shine.

Preventing Scratches 

Handle acrylic lamps with care to avoid scratches. Place them in low-traffic areas if possible.


Ultimate guide to caring for you glass lampFrom left, Dino Ramekin, Bubblegum Lamp in Citrus and Perfect Cup

Caring for Glass Lamps


Use a mixture of mild soap and water for cleaning. Apply with a soft cloth and wipe dry with another clean, soft cloth.

Stubborn Stains 

For tough stains, use a glass cleaner, but ensure it’s safe for the specific type of glass.


Be careful when handling glass lamps to avoid chipping or breaking.


Top tips for cleaning a metal lamp

From left, Portable Metal Touch Lamp in Aluminium 

Caring for Metal Lamps


Regularly dust metal lamps with a soft, dry cloth.


Use a metal polish specifically designed for the type of metal (e.g., brass, stainless steel) to maintain its shine.

Rust Prevention 

Keep metal lamps in dry areas to prevent rust. If rust appears, use a rust remover as per the product instructions.


How to extend the life of your timber lampFrom left, Timber Mushie Lamp in Walnut and Clubroom Tray

Caring for Timber Lamps


Use a soft, dry cloth to regularly dust timber lamps. Avoid using wet cloths which can cause the wood to swell.


For deeper cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth with mild soap. Immediately dry with a soft cloth.


Apply a wood polish or conditioner occasionally to keep the wood nourished and prevent it from drying out.

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Keep timber lamps out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and cracking.


Timber lamp on wooden trayFrom left, Timber Mushie Lamp in Walnut, Clubroom Tray and Spill the Tea Cup in Coffee and Cream


Taking proper care of your lamps not only ensures they look great but also extends their lifespan. By following these simple tips for paper, acrylic, glass, metal, and timber lamps, you can keep your lamps in tip top condition. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Lamps
The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Lamps
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